Undergraduate Forms

Transcripts, Grades, and Certifications

  • Authorization to Pick Up Official Documents (PDF) (Authorizes a third party to pick up transcripts, certifications and diplomas.)
  • Request for Grade Report Mailer (PDF)
  • Request for Certification (PDF)
  • Third Party Certification Request (PDF)
  • Credit Decline Form (PDF)


  • Student Withdrawal/Resignation Form (PDF)
  • Request to Rescind Withdrawal/Resignation (PDF)

In-State Residency for Tuition Purposes

  • Eligibility for Virginia In-State Tuition Privileges (DOC)
  • Instructions for Completing Virginia In-State Tuition Request (DOC)
  • Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates (DOC)

Student Information / Privacy

  • Request for Legal Name Change (PDF)
  • Request for Preferred Name Change (PDF)
  • Request to Change Student Confidentiality (PDF)
  • Request to Update Social Security Number for Academic Purposes (PDF)
  • Request to Add/Update Date of Birth (PDF)
  • Request to Update U.S. Citizenship (PDF)
  • Request to Update Gender (PDF)

Student Employees and FERPA Guidelines

  • Student Employee Confidentiality Agreement (PDF)

Senior Citizen Forms

  • Senior Citizen Tuition and Fees Waiver (DOC)


The Graduate forms and procedures are managed by the Graduate School, on their website. To reach the section of their page devoted to Graduate Forms, please click the "Graduate" link above.

Faculty & Staff

Banner Student System Access Forms

  • Request for Access to Student Records (PDF)
  • Assignment for Authorization of Grade Change Entry and Approval (PDF)
  • BDM Access Authorization Request Form (PDF)

University Academic Curriculum Governance Process Forms

Additional Forms

  • Obsolete Credit Rule Evaluation Record (PDF)
  • Request for Faculty Credentials (Department Use) (PDF)