Creating or Changing a Preferred Name

Students may choose to identify themselves on class rosters with a preferred first name that differs from their legal name. This preferred name will only be used on class rosters and not where your primary/legal name are necessary such as, financial aid documents, payroll, official transcripts, diplomas, and federal immigration documents.

Unsuitable preferred names (including use for purposes of fraud or misrepresentation and/or containing inappropriate or offensive language) may be denied or removed.

To request a preferred first name change fill out a Request for Name Change form.

Legal Name Changes to Student Records

  1. Complete a Request for Name Change form. Present a picture I.D. and legal documentation in support of the new name to our office.
  2. You may write a letter of request and send to our office.  Please note that the letter should include specific instructions and legal (notarized) documentation. Notary's statement must certify the document to be a complete, full, true and exact reproduction of the original document. The following information must be included in the request:
    • Complete legal name (former)
    • Complete new legal name (current)
    • Social Security Number and/or student identification number
    • Dates of attendance at Virginia Tech
    • Return address
    • Daytime telephone number and/or email address
    • Complete legal signature, reflecting full legal name

Legal Documentation

Please provide a copy of one type of documentation from each of the two areas:

Area 1 Area 2
Birth Certificate Driver's License
Marriage Certificate Hokie Passport
Divorce Decree International Passport
Court Order U.S. Passport
--- Naturalization Papers

Additional Information

  • When sending requests via mail (USPS or overnight service), supporting documentation must be notarized. If supporting documents are not notarized, the name change will not be processed.
  • Note: If a student is currently or has ever been employed by Virginia Tech, he/she must provide a copy of his/her corrected Social Security card in addition to supporting documentation before the name change can be processed. If this is not provided, the name change will not be processed.
  • Faxed requests will not be honored.
  • Graduate Students will need to contact the Graduate School ( or (540) 231-6691
  • Vet Med students will need to contact the College of Veterinary Medicine ( or (540) 231-7666.