Change of Name

Creating or Changing a Preferred Name

Students may choose to identify themselves with a preferred first name that differs from their legal name. This preferred name will be used on class rosters and other places where we do not need to use your legal name. However, legal names are necessary for documents such as, financial aid documents, payroll, official transcripts, diplomas, and federal immigration documents.

Preferred names that are found to include use for purposes of fraud or misrepresentation and/or containing inappropriate or offensive language may be denied or removed.

To create or change a preferred first name fill out a Request for Preferred First Name Change form.

Legal Name Changes to Student Records

  1. Complete a Request for Legal Name Change form. Submit a photo I.D. and legal documentation in support of the new name to our office.
  2. If you are unable to print and complete the required legal name change form, you may write a letter of request and send to our office. Please note that the letter should include specific instructions and legal documentation.
    The following information must be included in the request:
    • Complete legal name (former)
    • Complete new legal name (current)
    • Social Security Number and/or student identification number
    • Dates of attendance at Virginia Tech
    • Return address
    • Daytime telephone number and/or email address
    • Complete legal signature, reflecting full legal name

Legal Documentation

Please provide a copy of one of the following documents in Section A combined with a differnet document from Section A or Section B. You may provide two documents from Section A, but cannot provide two documents from Section B.

Section A
Section B
Driver's License
Social Security Card
US/Int'l Passport
Birth Certificate
Naturaliztion Papers
Marriage Certificate
Other Photo ID (HOKIE passport is not accepted)
Divorce Decree
--- Court Order


Additional Information

  • Note: If a student is currently or has ever been employed by Virginia Tech, he/she must provide a copy of his/her corrected Social Security card in addition to supporting documentation before the name change can be processed. If this is not provided, the name change will not be processed.
  • Faxed requests will not be honored.