Below are some Frequently Asked Questions our office gets from Faculty members about grade submission.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact our office at or via the contact info listed here.

Grade Submission Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty must be designated as "faculty" in the BANNER data base. A faculty member must be assigned as the instructor of record in the BANNER data base for the section(s) of the course(s) that he/she teaches for a specific term. With this assignment(s), the faculty member will automatically have access via Faculty Access to class rolls, creation of list serves, and to entry of grades.

Unless the GTA is the instructor of record in the BANNER data base, the GTA will be UNABLE to have access. Faculty Access security checks against the assigned instructor data in BANNER. However, a department head can request (in writing, via e-mail) that the graduate student have data entry access via FACULTY ACCESS for a specific course reference number (CRNs) for a specific term. This authorization is term based and must be re-authorized by the department for each term. The e-mail should include the initials of the GTA, the student identification number of the GTA, the CRN(s) authorized for entry and the term of the authorization (for example, first summer 2011).

As with the process of printed grade sheets previously used, faculty members will have to sign off on a departmentally held grade sheet. A department representative will be required to enter the grades via Faculty Access. We suggest you print the class list available on Faculty Access for the CRN(s) involved and use the printed copy for faculty to assign the grade(s) for the student(s) they supervise - have them initial the class roster for each grade assigned.

Any grade sheet not submitted will be processed as "Not Recorded" and students enrolled in the courses will receive NR grades. The NR grade will function the same as an NG -- computes as an F until changed. Please note that the message received after published submission deadline is: "The Final Grade Worksheet is unavailable for regular term, year". (For Spring Semesters: LOWER THAN TENTATIVE GRADES must be submitted by the NOON deadline -- otherwise the grade as of NOON on the FRIDAY before Commencement will be recorded as final.)

Instructors must complete grade change cards for each student OR print a grade sheet, complete the grades in writing, and sign the printed list. The department must maintain this list in the same manner as grade change cards. The department representative assigned the data entry task of entry of grade changes will enter the late grades as grade changes. Note the reason for the grade change as "grade sheet late" code: EL

Instructors can submit grade change requests for that student with the appropriate grade. The department representative responsible for entering grades should indicate the grade change is a "late add" request. No assumptions should be made that the late add will be approved; but entry of the grade will provide a record of the grade earned.

As with any web page, only a specific number of lines display on each page. Classes with large enrollments have several pages of information. The faculty member is cautioned to click on the "submit grades" button (found on the bottom of the grade sheet of each page) often so as not to lose entry effort. The web times out after 30 minutes of inactivity. The message displayed at the top of each page following a "submit" is "Your grade entries were saved successfully." Note: this message appears in the TOP portion of the displayed page. Also, if you have access to SFASLST, you can view grades as faculty members submit. The grade field will populate based on web entry.

If the error is detected prior to the published grade submission deadline, he/she can return to their final grade sheet on the web and make changes, click on "submit grade" button, and the new grade will be entered. After the deadline for submission of grades, a grade change card must be submitted.

In any case where a grade does not match the option, a substitute grade will be processed during our processing of all grade sheets. In this example, the passing grade of A would be altered to reflect a P; however, the originally assigned grade will display on SFASLST; the converted grade will appear on SHAINST and on the student's grade report.

He or she should contact 4-Help for reset of password. All other problems encountered with Faculty Access should be reported to and a representative will contact the instructor.

Online grade entry is available 24 hours a day until the deadline.