Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is a computer generated report for undergraduate and associate level students that matches the requirements of a degree program with a student's course work taken. The audit identifies those graduation requirements that are completed as well as those requirements that still need to be completed.

Request a DARS Report

Before requesting a DARS Report you must first submit an Application for Degree through your Hokie SPA account.

  • To request a DARS report
  • Log onto Hokie SPA
  • Click on "Degree Menu"
  • Click on "Undergraduate Degree Menu" or "Associate Degree Menu"
  • Click on "Degree Audit Report Menu"
  • Click on "Request a Degree Audit"
  • Select the appropriate degree program from the drop down menu
  • Click "Run Audit"
  • Click "View Submitted Audits"
  • If your audit does not appear click "Refresh the list" until it appears.
  • Click on the link to the DARS

Organization of a DARS Report

  • Heading- Located at the top of the report; includes your name, student ID number, prepared date, and your graduation date. The degree, major, and option (if applicable) used in producing the report are also included in the heading.
  • Status-There are two lines that will indicate your degree status. They both appear within the next area on the report. One will indicate your degree has a status of Pending or Awarded. Pending indicates that you have applied for your degree, but it has not been completed, and of course Awarded means that your degree requirements are complete. The second line will say one of the following:
    • At Least One Requirement Has Not Been Satisfied
    • All Requirements Completed-In Progress Courses Used
    • All Requirements Identified Below Have Been Met
  • Requirements - The DARS takes each of the requirements for the program (Core, College, and Major) and divides them into requirement sets. Each block indicates a requirement set and contains a status indicator (NO - at least one requirement is not complete, IP - requirements completed with in-progress courses, or OK - all requirements met). The requirement will indicate what courses have been used to complete the requirements and what course(s) (if any) need to be taken to complete the requirement.
  • Free electives - At the end of the report after all the requirements are listed is a block called free electives. This is where all other courses will appear that were not used to fulfill a specific requirement in the other areas on the DARS.