1. Get access to Hokie SPA

What is Hokie SPA? -Access Gateway to your Student Info

Access: Authorized access to HokieSpa is based on the student's PID (password assistance: 4-HELP, 231-4357)

2. Determine what classes you need

Meet with your advisor during Course Request period to plan your scheduling needs and discuss future curricular plans
Resource Tools:

If you are a new student or transfer student, you may want to visit the New Student Orientation site.

3. Submit your Course Request

The university designates a one-week time period during the prior term to allow entry of enrollment requests for a future term. 
See the Dates for Course Request

Student requests are entered via Hokie SPA by each student using the CRN for a specific section.

Students may alter submitted requests as often as desired during the allowed time frame.

Submission of a course request does not guarantee enrollment in any course. Departments will adjust (add or delete) sections based on course demand and resources.

If you miss the course request period, you may register for classes using drop/add (during drop/add period).

For additional information, including dates for Course Request, see the Course Request Information page.

4. Generate your Class Schedule

After the course request period concludes, the university processes all course requests received according to availability of seats in course sections.

Students may view their completed class schedule on Hokie SPA on the first day of DROPADD. it is important to review the option "Course Request Results" to determine why you did not receive a requested class.

Course Restrictions Errors

  • "Closed" means there are no available seats in any section of a course.
  • "Conflict" means there are seats available but the section(s) available are in conflict with other classes on your schedule.

Schedule adjustments are allowed during the "Drop/Add" time frame.

5. Drop or Add Classes

DROPADD period is an allotted time to adjust schedules by adding and/or dropping sections

Dates/deadlines for DROPADD availability

Departments may allow entry in course sections that are at capacity ("CLOSED").

See the department offering the course to determine the process to request a "Force-Add" (registration over capacity).

Departments may not Force-Add over published room capacities.

Students may not drop their last class. A Student Resignation/Withdrawal Form must be submitted.

Refund Policy - how reducing your course load or resigning your enrollment impacts your refund

For More Information...

View specific information on University Holds.