Official graduation "checksheets" are the primary means of communicating graduation requirements to students, advisors, faculty, and administrators.

These checksheets, which are encoded into the Degree Audit System (DARWIN), are used by students and advisors to plan undergraduate program of study and to determine progress toward the degree.

Checksheets are also used by the Office of the University Registrar to determine each student's successful completion of degree.

Approval Requirements

  • Checksheets must be approved two years prior to the effective date.
    [Note: the effective date of any checksheet applies to the specified calendar year. For example, a checksheet with the effective date of 2016 applies to all candidates for degree in the calendar year 2016.]
  • Presidential Policy 148, "Graduation Requirements Policy," states that proposed graduation checksheets must be approved through the curricula governance structure (see below for 20% rule).
  • All checksheets must be submitted to the University Registrar no later than the end of the fourth week of the spring semester two years prior to the beginning of the calendar year in which they will apply to graduating students.
  • For academic year, 2014-15, checksheets for students graduating in calendar year 2017 must be received by the University Registrar by February 16, 2015.
  • These proposed checksheets must be approved in their final form no later than May 16, 2015.

No changes to the checksheet?

Unless otherwise directed by your College, departments having no changes to degree programs may choose not to submit updated checksheets. The previously approved checksheet on file in the Office of the University Registrar will continue to be used.

Elements that may not be approved administratively under the 20 % rule:

  • Adding a new concentration (option).
  • Changing (or adding a) GPA requirement.
  • Changing the effective date of the requirements retroactively.
  • Changing the minimum number of required degree hours.
  • Adding a required course that is taught by another college without endorsement from the course offering department.
  • Checksheets having any of the above changes must be routed through governance for approval.